What is the Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is unique in the field of bodywork. Its gentle “moves” over the muscle and other soft tissue address the whole body, stimulating it to reset and heal itself. The healing may occur at all levels as needed: physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energetic, etc.

The philosophy of The Bowen Technique is that “the body can heal itself of most structural imbalances” – it just needs help to initiate and focus the process.  A most common example of self healing is that of a broken arm.  If we were to break a forearm, it would be splinted and after a short period, typically 6 weeks, the splint would be removed and the bone would have healed.

Bowen Therapy is characterized by treating the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms, leading to a high success rate.  8 – 9 of 10 see a better than 75% improvement in their condition, and a high proportion are fully resolved.  Typically 3 or 4 sessions are all that’s needed for structural conditions.  Non-structural conditions take longer and the results for both are long lasting.

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Food for Thought

Our body's job is to keep us healthy. It repairs and heals us all the time -  we just don't think about it. When you get a cut, the body heals it. When you break a bone, the body repairs it. When you get a cold, your body helps you get well. Sometimes our body gets stuck. The Bowen Technique helps... 
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