History of Bowen

Thomas Ambrose Bowen was born on April 18Th, 1916 in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.  From the 1950s until his death in 1982, he developed his unique soft tissue therapeutic technique that is now known as The Bowen Technique.

He was not formally trained in any medical or alternative therapy discipline.  He stated simply that his work was “a gift from God”.  It was through his love of sports that Tom Bowen became interested in soft tissue manipulation.  Tom Bowen’s first clinic was in the home of a friend and client of his.  He began seeing patients in the evenings after working at the Geelong Cement Works company.  He did not advertise his work but relied instead on word-of-mouth.  He treated an average of 14 patients per hour.  He had an uncanny ability to assess each person’s needs with little verbal or hands on interaction.

Tom Bowen did teach 6 people to do what he instinctively knew how to do, and said that upon his death, they could then go into the world and share his technique.  The Bowen Technique is now taught throughout the world.  Practitioners of the Original Bowen Technique get their certification through the Bowen Therapy Acadamy of Astrailia.

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