Bowen Benefits

GENTLE: It is so gentle that you hardly notice you’re being touched!  People usually become very relaxed right away, and often fall asleep during a session.

FAST: Rapid pain relief is common. Most pain and injury will respond within two or three sessions. Structural conditions typically take three to four sessions, and non structural conditions will take longer.

LONG LASTING RELIEF: People often experience a deep and long lasting relief. Maintenance treatments are not required. Single session follow ups are done as needed.

SAFE: There is no one who cannot be treated safely with Bowen. It is so gentle and non threatening it can be used on babies, pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled. Bowen Therapy works great for animals, too!

PAINLESS: There is no cracking, no force and no needles. There is little discomfort or pain involved because there is no heavy pressure or hard probing into sensitive muscles or joints.

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